Crystal Of The Month - April

Crystal Of The Month - April
Hello, Hello, Hello!  Back again with another in my series of the " Crystal of the Month! I hope you've enjoyed the content so far as I grow in my experience with blog writing! 
This month, I am celebrating the "Crystal Quartz".  This is an amazing stone with superior metaphysical properties.  
This stone was one of the first I learned about, and one of the first stones in my collection.  Known as a "Master Healer" if you are into natures healing crystals, you'll know Crystal or "Clear Quartz" is said to amplify energy.  For this, it is very useful at clearing negative energies and focusing the wearer on positive energy.  It also brings forth clarity and a sense of calm.  Being a conduit for the spiritaul realm, crystal quartz is great to use when channeling and connecting you with the spirit world. 
Crystal Quartz is one of the few stones able to "charge" other stones.  One of my first projects, when I began learning about these beautiful stones, was to create an elemental charging grid.  The months I am not able to get my stones out under the full moon, I charge them on my grid.  
I actually use my grid to charge many items.  My jewelry, my crystal sprays, alter offerings...
Crystal Quartz is also known as the most power healing stone in the mineral kingdom.  This universal stone aids in healing, manifesting, protection and channeling.  I like to combine my crystal quartz with tourmaline to create a powerful spiritual grounding and protection piece.  
This month, I am featuring my "Crystal Quartz Elephant Charm Bracelet" The majestic power and grace of the elephant coupled with the spiritual healing and protection of the crystal quartz makes this piece a powerful collection. The beauty and shine of the crystal quartz makes this healing piece a beautiful enhancement any ensemble.  


This piece is available by clicking "here" Shop now and enter "KARMA20" at checkout to receive 20% off your order.  

If you have any comments or questions, please don't forget to enter them below.  I'd love to hear from you. 





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