Crystal Of The Month - Onyx!

Crystal Of The Month - Onyx!
Welcome 2022!!! 
The Crystal of the month to start the new year is Black Onyx - The Stone of Attunement! 
We are starting the year right with what is believed to be the most powerful protection stones! Black Onyx represents many things.  Strength, Self-Control, Balance, Determination, and of course protection.  
This stones encompasses many things.  For the past year we've known how much I love learning about stones, where their stories originate, what properties they carry and how they can help us in our everyday lives.  Well the same reigns true for Black Onyx (Onyx comes in many colors with various attributes) 
The history of this stone can be traced back to Ancient Greece.  As the story goes, Cupid, son of Venus, clipped her nails one day while she napped on the banks of the Indus River and placed them in the sand. Why?  We don't know, but it goes further to say the nails were converted into gorgeous stones by the Gods to keep them from perishing.  These stones were called Onyxes!
While we can't confirm that, we know Onyx has played different roles in many cultures from the Romans, to Middle Easterners and today this stone is known for it's strength and protective properties.  
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