Crystal Of The Month - May

Crystal Of The Month - May

Welcome to the Month of May!  Hard to believe we are almost to the halfway point of 2021!! I’m praying this year has given many of you some relief! I know I am appreciating life more and more each day!

Let’s jump into the purpose of this blog.  THE CRYSTAL OF THE MONTH!!!

My choice for the crystal of the month for May is the Carnelian stone.  Carnelian represents the Sacral Chakra and helps by opening and balancing it.  This is where your creative and sexual energy comes from so it’s extremely important to keep this area balanced.  What a great reason to keep this stone close!

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that symbolizes bold energy, warmth and a lingering joy! This stone has many attributes including the ability to help restore vitality, motivation and stimulate creativity.  Its radiant energy promotes positive life choices so it no wonder many entrepreneurs, life coaches and people close to nature enjoy this stone so much. 

If you have trouble trusting in your own thoughts and abilities, this is a great stone to add to your collection as it is known to help with clearing your perceptions. 

Due to its beautiful hues of yellow to blood orange, ancient Egyptians used to call carnelian “The setting sun”.  An interesting fact with this stone, also due to its varying degrees of coloration, this stone is known to go from passive female energy in its light orange to red hues and a male energy as it goes from orange to deeper reddish-brown hues. 

Traditionally, Carnelian is worn to enhance love, desire and passion, however it is also a very protective stone as well.  In ancient times this stone was worn by warriors as a symbol of or to instill strength and courage during battle. 

As I stated earlier, this stone has many attributes, and these are just a few.  As usual, I’d love your feedback.  Knowledge is key.  What other great attributes did I miss here?  There are quite a few more.  Many other ancient uses for this stone as well.  Give me your thoughts. 

In the meantime, please check out my bracelet of the month, pure natural Carnelian stretch bracelet with sterling silver accents. 

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