Crystal Of The Month - October

Crystal Of The Month - October

Summer fun is done, Welcome to Fall!! This is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons, Halloween and Thanksgiving to name a couple.  

This is also the month where the vail between the physical world and the spirit world is most thin.  It is said the vail drops on the 31st of the month, and that is the day spirits can cross over and freely roam this realm.  

Don't believe in that kind of stuff?  That's fine, but my crystal of the month for October is a powerful stone of protection.  You may want to keep some close during this time.  

The Crystal of the month for May is TOURMALINE!! One of the most powerfully protective and grounding stones out here.  Why is this stone so important during this month? Tourmaline is considered a physical portal to the spiritual.  Great for channeling loved ones on Los Dia de Muertos!  

OK, I'm making tourmaline sound scary I know, but this stone is FAR from scary.  As a matter of fact, tourmaline is known to reduce fear, build self confidence, and promote happiness.  There is nothing scary about that unless you fear happiness...

I know I say this a lot, but tourmaline is hands down one of my favorite stones.  I keep some form of tourmaline on or around me daily.  When I leave out or get ready to go for a ride on my motorcycle, I make sure I have my tourmaline to keep me grounded and protected.  

Tourmaline is considered one of the most protective stones because it is said that it helps create a shield around you to circumvent negative or unwelcome energies.  This stone is so powerful, it can dissolve negative thought patterns, yes, it can even protect you from yourself! It takes negative energies and thought patterns and transmutes them into energy that is more beneficial for you.    

Many October Libra are attracted to this stone because of its balancing energies.  It keeps yin-yang energies balanced as well.  Altogether a great stone for the Libra who craves balance in all aspects of their lives, because it keeps both the right-left sides of the brain balanced.  

Though my Crystal of the month was Tourmaline, October is still Breast Cancer awareness month and we always want to "Think Pink" so the product focus will not be on anything with Tourmaline, but instead it will be focused on the beautiful piece you see below. 
I support this cause 12 months out of the year, but since this month is special, and I lost my mom to this horrid disease during Breast Cancer Awareness month, I will be donating 20% from the sale of this item directly to BCRF.  Click the photo to be taken to the product page. Support a worthy cause and look good doing it! 
Rose Quartz
See you next month! 


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