Crystal Of The Month - November

Crystal Of The Month - November
As we draw closer to the end of 2021, I just want to thank you for spending this year with me and indulging me in my fascination of crystals.  I'm really looking forward to 2022 and a new beginning.  Humility.  This is what the past, almost 3 years has taught me.  Humility and ampted up writing skills.  Is that humble?  Not sure, but it's true 🤷🏽‍♀️.  
My Crystal of the month for November is Citrine!  A beautiful stone with amazing properties.  Off the rip, an amazing fact about Citrine.  It is one of the few stones that does not require cleansing!  That's right.  This stone cleanes and recharges itself, although you can certainly still place it under the full moon to further enhance its powers.  
Commonly known as "The Merchant Stone" Citrine is a GREAT stone for manifesting.  If you're trying to get that promotion or starting a new business, Citrine is a must-have stone for your collection.  It helps turn your dreams into realities! 
When it comes to the Chakra, Citrine represents the solar plexus, but it is extremely useful in aligning ALL the Chakra, I did say this stone had some pretty amazing attributes didn't I? Well that's not all.  
Citrine is considered the merchant stone because it's synonomous for channeling wealth, prosperity and success but what it really does is motivate you to take action.  You have an idea you've been sitting on?  Procrastinating on making that next move?  Citrine can motivate you to act on these things.  
Another common name for this stone is "The Stone of the Mind".  It stimulates the brain so you can think more clearly, and make wiser decisions. 
Bottom line here, if your ready to take things to "the next level" you'd probably benefit from keeping Citrine on or near your persons.  Oh! you can also place it by your computer or other electronics and it will help with EMF.
Ready to secure that promotion, land that contract or finally get that business off the ground?  Click the link in the photo below to purchace my Merchant Stone Bracelet.  
Made with beautiful Citrine and Tigers eye, this bracelet is a powerhouse of a combination.  Both stones known to generate wealth and success.  
And remember, you're not only helping yourself when you purchase from my shop, you are helping to fund Breast Cancer Research.  5% of each sale made on my site is donted to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Citrine, Tigers eye

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