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KarmiCreations started out as a personal passion and desire to change my lifestyle.  In the Summer of 2009 I started to see things in life a little different, and decided to take my own path.  

Because I wanted to take a more natural, more holistic path I began studying herbs, essential oils and different natural oils in an effort to begin making a majority of my own health and beauty products.  

I started by making my own soaps, skin and hair products.  This progressed to studying natural items to begin making my own bath, beauty and cleaning products. The real passion came in when I began to study crystals and stones and the effects they have on the mind, body and spirit.  

When I was out shopping one day, I came across these beautiful bracelets in an alternative bookstore and fell in love.  After buying several, I thought, I can probably make something like this on my own, and they would come fully charged with my own energy.  

This became a hobby that could calm me down when I had a lot on my mind, and soon I found I had made almost 100 bracelets!  I began giving them away to friends and family as gifts, because I had so many, but I also continued to make more. 

In the early months of 2020 our world changed as we know it.  A pandemic hit and caused massive chaos and upheaval in many lives, including mine.  Like many I lost my income due to job cuts.  It was at that time I knew what my path was.  Instead of looking at things in a negative light, I saw it as a sign to start a business doing what I love, and sharing it with the world, so here I am today! 

Natural products and handmade jewelry are my passion.  I hope you love my products as much as I love making them. 




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