Crystal Of The Month - January

Happy New Year!  Starting the year off with my very first blog post...EVER! That's right, though blogging has been around forever, this is my very first time giving it a try so be gentle.  

This blog is about my newest passion, crystals!  Nope, I'm not an expert and I don't claim to be. I just want to share my experiences and what I learn along the way, cool? Cool. 

Crystal Of The Month! 


Each month, I will come back and provide my pick for "Crystal of the Month".  For January, my pick is...Garnet!  Not because it's obvious, but because this stone has personal value to me.  Not because I was born in the month of January, but because my mother was, and this was her birthstone.  

Garnet is a "protective energy" stone.  It's known to provide protection against evil, nightmares and it releases bad karma.  I guess this is why I always felt so protected and grounded around my mother.  Many nights I couldn't sleep unless I was in her bed, or somewhere close by, she was my comfort.  

I carry this stone and place one on my alter so she is always here with me.  

What are your thoughts and insights?  I love knowledge, and I know we have some experts out there.  I'd love to hear from you. 




  • Can’t wait to see the June’s crystal blog

  • Love the Blog great info, look fwd to your next Crystal Of The Month!


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