Crystal Of The Month - July

Crystal Of The Month - July
Welcome back to the 7th edition of "MY BLOG"!!
Straight to the point.  The crystal of the month for July is SARDONYX! 
Sardonyx, a chalcedony formed from Onyx and Sard, is considered a dual protection stone combining the protecting energies of Onyx with the strength of Carnelian.  It's said to bring out the " Inner Strength" of the wearer of this stone.  
While this stone exudes stength and protection, it also embodies happiness, optimism, and confidence.  This is the perfect stone to take with you on an interview or any situation where you need a boost of confidence.  It's highly protective energies helps to giver your personal power level the boost it needs.  
Onyx is also a grounding stone, combined with the Carnelian, it makes this stone a very strong earth element.  It can help align your base chakra and assist with your desention after spiritual work has been done.  
An extremely interesting and beautiful piece.  I will soon be adding this beautiful stone to my collection, in the meantime, please have a look at our "BCRF Bracelet of the Month" below.  
This beautiful piece can also be purchased as a gift pack and sent to a special friend or loved one.  
Even if you don't have a loved one who has been affected by this horrific disease, you can still help support the cause.  10% from the sales of each item is donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  

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