Crystal Of The Month - August

Crystal Of The Month - August

Welcome back as we start to bend the corner towards the end of the year.  Less than 6 months to 2022, and I sit here reflecting on the past 2 years, where I've been, where I am and where I am going...

Speaking of new beginnings, the crystal of the month for August is Moonstone! Another one of my favorite stones.  I find it absolutely beautiful with its mixed earth tones (Virgo here ✋🏽!) but this isn't MY stone and this isn't MY month...yet.  

Moonstone, the crystal of new beginnings.  This stone culminates inner growth and strength (cute & powerful, hmm).  Spiritually, Moonstone helps to insite compassion and empathy within you.  Carry this stone if you are someone who is easily angered or has a hard time showing compassion towards others, especially if this trait is holding you back from living your best life.  

If you're looking for a little luck in love or money, you guessed it, moonstone is the stone for you.  You could be struggling in these areas just because you lack the ability to show compassion.  Yes, even in business.  

Moonstone is a great stone to meditate with if your feeling stressed.  The tranquil vibrations this stone puts off will give you a sense of calm.  It engolfs you with a "motherly protection" so to speak.  

On a different spiritual side, Moonstone is known to help us tap into our intuition, and helps to enhance our psychic abilities.  We all have psychic abilities, many of us have just not learned to tap into them.  Well this, amoung others, is the perfect stone to help you channel.  This stone of feminine energy is amazing! 

Questions, comments, concerns?  Jot them below.  You know I'd love to hear from you! 

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