March Crystal Of The Month - Aquamarine

March Crystal Of The Month - Aquamarine


Our March crystal of the month is Aquamarine or "blue water".  Looking into this beautiful stone is like looking into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. 

Aquamarine was first discovered in Siberia, 1723.  And though it is named after the blue sea, it wasn't found anywhere close to the sea.  

As we know, crystals and gems have many meanings in many cultures.  In Rome, this stone was used by fisherman as protection while they traveled the ridig waters of the sea.  It was also used to bring luck of the catch! 

The real "gem" of this stone is what it represents.  Today, this stone is known to bring tranquility, serenity and harmany to the wearer.  It's calming energy is great for releasing anxienty and depression.  

One of my favorite "quiet time" things to do is sit and meditate surrounded by my Aquamarine, listening to the sounds of the ocean (on YouTube 🤷🏽‍♀️) and I am instantly relaxed.  As a person who suffers from hypertension, it is extremely important for me lower my stress levels.  And being a Virgo, well I shouldn't have to say any more.  Many of us tend to stress for the stress of it.  

If you're one who sufferes from stress, depression, anxiety, you may very well benefit from keeping a piece of this with you. 

Crystal Jewelry is a great way to accomplish this!  Check out some of the Aquamarine items I have available in my shop.  And remember, each purchase made on my site is a "Koinz for a Cause" purchase.  5% of each sale is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.