February Crystal Of The Month - Labradorite

February Crystal Of The Month - Labradorite

Back again!  Second month of 2022 and of course we are celebrating a brand new crystal, Labradorite! 

Labradorite is an extremely beautiful and spiritual stone.  It is known as the "stone of magic", and another of my favorite stones.  This stones comes in hues of grey to blue with irridecent colors that shimmer in the light.  

Also known as the "stone of transformation", it is said to assist those going through change, giving them strength and preserverance.  This is a great stone to keep with you when you are going through mental or physical changes in your life. During times when you want to give up, it imparts preserverance to help you complete the task you set out to do.  

It is also an extremely spiritual stone, helping to enhance deeper spiritual connections, providing healing and protection along the way.  

This stones represents the throat, crown, and Third Eye Chakra.  This means 3 of the 7 main Chakra can be healed or realigned with this one powerful stone.  

Originating in Labrador, a Candian Province, Labradorite was originally called a "fire stone" and was often ground up into powder form and used to help cure certain ailments, interesting fact.  

If you are an individual who tends to overwork, like myself, this is the perfect stone for you.  It can aid in restoring the body's energy while helping to heal the spirit at the same time.  It is said to form a "shield" around the wearer to protect them against negative energy.  

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